All about Too Cool for School's Global Endorsement Models: Momoland

The K-pop girl group Momoland is Too Cool's latest Global Endorsement Models!
On January 21, 2021 Too Cool For School announced that Momoland was chosen as the endorsement models!
"We are looking forward to the synergy effect between 'Too Cool For School' and Momoland not only in Korea but in the foreign market" -TCFS
Momoland debuted in November 2016 after group of 7 members were selected to debut from a survival reality show called Finding Momoland.
They are known for some of their upbeat and catchy tracks such as "BBoom BBoom", "Thumbs up", "I'm so Hot", "BAAM" and more. 
Momoland is Too Cool's pick as their upbeat & colorful image manifests to encourage all age & gender to express their creativity and uniqueness. 
"We believe that among K-pop Idols, Momoland is a group whose individual members each boast very unique charms."-TCFS