Too Cool for School: Saying NO to greasy, oily skincare but YES to moisture! (Caviar Lime)

Heiley and Joohky did a collaboration where they review Too Cool For School's Caviar Lime line! 
The Caviar Lime is the definition of clean and healthy beauty. The fruit "is rich in Vitamin C that is grown in mildly acidic soil with a pH of 5 to 6.5". 
They point out the uniqueness of the product and why it is so different from other skincare products.
The Caviar Lime Hydra Vita Drop Essence, for example, contain "droplet like granules. These granules are said to be water drop essences ... play a role in supplying stabilized active ingredients freshly into the skin as granules burst with dense moisture immediately when rolled on to the skin" 

The best part of their insightful and informative review is that they provide pictures and images to not only the texture of the products or application, but the effectiveness of the product itself. 
Along with their excellent product reviews, they also have review on Youtube of their product review!