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Being 'too cool for school’ means
standing apart from the group, being yourself, seeking the extraordinary

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Artclass by Rodin

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Artclass Frottage Pencil

New color is waiting for you! #ClassyFig #AiryMultiPastel
new arrival

Egg Cica Cera Cream

Special centella asiatica extract with double capsule formula! #OilControlBalancingMoisturizingcream
Artclass Artist Blender
Too Cool For School
#1 Ash Brown #2 Dark Brown #3 Soft Brown
Artclass Brow Designing Shaper
Too Cool For School
#1 Ash Black #2 Muted Brown #3 Soft Brown
Artclass Mood Pen Liner
Too Cool For School
#1 Bare Peach #2 Nude Beige
Artclass Glam Underliner
Too Cool For School
Too Cool for School Artclass by Rodin Finish Setting Powder 01
Too Cool for School Artclass by Rodin Finish Setting Powder 02
Artclass by Rodin Finish Setting Powder
Too Cool For School US
Nature ingredient
Egg Collection
Inspired by the most popular home remedy ingredient for beauty, we has used real egg white and egg yolk extracts to deliver numerous benefits from eggs.
50% off sale
Rules of Mastic
Try out our own patent ingredient β€˜Masticureℒ’, which is a concentrated active ingredient made from the Mastic tree that specializes in damage repair.
Artclass Clair Tint
Clear and glossy all day #SunlightShine
Blending Eyes
Blending up to 63 colors!
My own custom shadow palette.
our pick
Egg Remedy Hair Pack
Daily quick repair therapy!
Providing immediate nutrition to the damaged hair.⁣⁣

Voice of Customers


Egg Mellow Cream

Great Product

I love this cream. This is the third time I’ve repurchased it. All around great product. It does have a scent but I really like it. The customer service has been great as well!

Martina B.

Rules of Mastic IX Drop

My go-to

I found this at Ulta back before the pandemic hit and I’ve been using it religiously ever since. My skin loves it, it doesn’t irritate my rosacea like most serums have, and it’s inexpensive for the fantastic quality and the amount you get. I buy a few at a time and it lasts me well over 6 months until I have to buy more. It’s a staple in my routine and I’ll be buying it as long as they keep selling it.


Caviar Lime Hydra Moist Cream


Love it. I'm almost 50, and my historically oily and acne-prone skin is still doing occasional breakouts but now I sometimes get dry patches too? This stuff is EXTRAORDINARY. I layer it over Rules of Mastic niacinamide serum, and it totally eliminates dry patches but doesn't feel too rich or heavy, doesn't break me out, and my serum foundation (Ilia Skin Tint) goes on so nicely over it. Particularly love the light scent -- a brisk and slightly tannic leafy lime, not a sweet candy-type citrus smell. I'd love it even more if it were in a jar that used less plastic, or a recyclable aluminum squeeze tube.


Rules of Mastic IX Enhancer

I received a trial size of this product in my Birchbox and used every bit of it up. Using this product helped me to feel more confident in my naked skin. I didn't know about mastic before, but I think this ingredient is incredible. After, going a month without this product, I realized that it was in fact the one item in my beauty routine that was making my skin look so amazing. Needless to say, I ordered a full size tube and once again am experiencing beautiful skin. I have never experience a product like this. **My skin is Normal to dry and I love to put this on as my last step in my skin routine. (toner, serums, moisture then Rules of Mastic IX)

Stacy S.

Egg-zyme Whipped Foam

Wonderful face cleanser

I love this foaming face wash. My skin feels clean, my pores are tighter, but it does not dry me out. A little goes a long way so the product lasts a long time!

Briana S.