If you want to know the TEA of Too Cool for School's Rules of Mastic Line! READ!

Before leaving her insightful review and article, Ignacia spend about 3 weeks trying out the Mastic line. 
The Rules of Mastic line is made for those who have sensitive skin. It is categorized to be in Too Cool's Clean Beauty which is EWG green-level certified. "This basically means there are no artificial ingredients, mineral oils, animal oils, color, or fragrance. The lack of these skincare additives makes it a fine choice for people who have sensitive skin." 
After her nightly routine of using the Rules of Mastic skincare line for 3 weeks she shares "After a couple of days of use, I noticed my skin becoming more moisturized and bright, which is exactly what I wanted. I knew that if I decided (I didn’t) to apply some light makeup, my skin would be popping, with an emphasis on the “pop.” ...The products themselves are very lightweight thanks to the vegan formula. I also didn’t suffer from irritation after completing this routine every day. It’s happened before when I’ve tested other skincare lines in the past. Since the Mastic line is pretty affordable, it’s a great way to start out with a Korean Beauty routine. The cleanser lathers up in just the right way and the toner is basically just a spray. Personally, I would split up the moisturizers for daytime and nighttime moving forward, especially once outside is open again. The Mastic Enhancer Moisturizer is lighter and can be used as a base before you apply skin primer, while the Mastic Cream is heavier and would be great to provide overnight moisture after taking off the full face you wore during the day."